1990-2001 Honda/Acura Civic/Integra Clutch Replacement VManual .wmv SKU: 46183

This VManual covers the clutch replacement on a 1993 Integra. This procedure will also work for a similar vintage Civic. It's also a good overview of a clutch replacement that will apply to other vehicles. (windows version)


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1990-2001 Honda/Acura Integra Clutch Replacement VManual This VManual covers the clutch replacement on a 1993 Acura Integra but the procedure also applies to Civic models of this era and is a good overall video representation of what it takes to replace a clutch in a Honda vehicle of this type. This VManual is a step by step, bolt by bolt account of the clutch replacement for this type of Honda vehicle, it has a complete tool list as well as some diagnostic information. In fact if you have questions about whether or not you need a clutch check out this video that I did on the process. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7JJ_g2UuBI Once you've determined that you need a clutch this VManual will help you with the process of replacement. The process of aligning the clutch is covered along with many other tips and tricks on how to remove suspension parts to gain access to the transmission. This VManual also covers the transmission fluid replacement as well as setting the free play for the clutch pedal. Also know that $1 from every purchase goes to help my brothers charity which helps disadvantaged children around the world. http://www.yellowbluebus.org If you have issues with the download or have questions about the VManual send them to Support@EricTheCarGuy.com, there is NO PHONE SUPPORT for this product but emails submitted to the address above will be answered within 24 hours. Runtime approximately 2 hrs. 9min. ©2011 Download file size .mov 788.4MB .wmv 770.5MB Thank you and good luck. Stay Dirty ETCG