1989-2001 Honda B Series Timing Belt Replacement VManual .mov SKU: 46179

This VManual is for the timing belt replacement on the Honda B Series engine. This engine was found in Acura/Honda Integras, CRV's, and some Civic models. (.mov version)


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Honda/Acura B Series Timing Belt VManual This VManual is an accurate affordable solution, it's better than a service manual in that it brings the information found in the service manual to life in and easy to understand and follow video format. So if you've ever scratched your head while looking at the manual wondering how to do a particular procedure a VManual is for you. This is a bolt by bolt, step by step account of the process of replacing the timing belt and water pump on Honda's B Series engine. This engine was found in the Acura Integra, some Civic models, some Prelude models, and also early CRV's. In this VManual I show more than one way to remove the crank bolt which in my opinion is the hardest part of the job. There is a complete tool list in this VManual. I also show how to correctly set the timing, set the belt tension, replace the water pump, and replace the drive belts. I've seen shops charge as much as $500+ for this job but if you follow the steps in the VManual you'll be able to do it yourself thus saving all that money. If you have issues with the download or have questions about the VManual send them to Support@EricTheCarGuy.com, there is NO PHONE SUPPORT for this product but emails submitted to the address above will be answered within 24 hours. Runtime approximately 90min. ©2011 Download file size .mov 508MB .wmv 494.5MB Thank you and good luck. Stay Dirty ETCG